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Do you have a question concerning the operation of your system? It might have been asked before. Check our FAQ for some handy answers on use, maintenance, setup, and troubleshooting of your system.

Tech Newsletter

The Tech Newsletter was published periodically, but has been suspended indefinitly. There are some previous newsletters available here with tips, alerts and advice for IST's products.

October 1999 (Software)
  • Building "double-click" Desktop Icons (or Shortcuts) for Simplifying Your Test Setup
October 1999 (Hardware)
  • The Lock Switch Blues (or Keep It Pointed Away from the Batteries!!!)
  • High-Frequency, High Amplitude Accelerations
  • Improving Your Chances of Getting Good Data
November 1999
  • How to Gather PSD Data
December 1999
  • Windows Software Now Available for Most IST Products
  • How to Make and Use Desktop Icons for Custom Setups, Downloads, and Other Functions
January 2000
  • How Low Can You Go? Seismic!
  • How to Check Your Lithium Backup Battery
April 2000
  • How Low Can You Go? Seismic!
  • How to Check Your Lithium Backup Battery
May 2000
  • Lithium Batteries
  • How Long Can Your Accel Cables Be?
March 2003
  • My recorder is serial, my laptop is only USB! Help!
  • New problems with old serial ports on some laptops
  • New! Motion Master Product Announcement
April 2003
  • How Do I Export My Raw Data?
  • Cut-and-Pasting Screenshots and Data from DynaMax for Windows
  • Measuring slowly-changing inputs (pseudo-static, below 0.1 Hz)
December 2003
  • New Version of DynaMax on IST Website
  • SnapShock Plus: I get extremely high velocity changes, but their durations are zero. What is going on?
  • IST's Software Licensing Policy
  • Communicate with your EDR via Ethernet or Internet Connection!
  • Happy Holidays from IST!
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The text is Auto Zero Circuit Revealed.

IST FieldNotes

FieldNotes are detailed documents providing insight into features of IST's products. Meant for those who require study of features which can impact their applications.

Auto Zero Circuit Revealed
Auto Zero Circuit Revealed
Package Profiler
Package "e-Factor" Profiling for Improved Equivalent Drop Height Measurement and Package Design
Field Notes 9401
Environmental Data Recorders: Transducers & Calibration
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