STP-3Dv2 Low Cost Shock, Temp, Hum Logger

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Shock TimerTM Plus 3Dv2

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Shock Recorder For Shipment and Vehicular Monitoring

ShockTimer-Plus 3Dv2tm, (STP3Dv2) is a new, low cost Shock Recorder for transportation monitoring. The device can be attached to your shipment or vehicle and will record the exact time it was abused in transport and even tell the level of shock it was subjected to.

  • 3-Axis g-Shock Logging, x, y, z
  • Temperature and Humidity Logging
  • +/- 16g Full Scale Measurement Range
  • Logs Date, Time & Peak-g levels of Shocks & Impacts
  • Selectable Trip Levels from 1.5g to 10g
  • Real Time Trigger Flash LED Once Tripped
  • 15,000 Event non-volatile memory
  • 3+ months  Battery Life, User Replaceable
  • Wireless Blue Tooth PC Communications
  • Date Imports to Excel
  • Simple to Setup, Install and Use
  • Small Size and Weight
  • Low Cost, Quantity Discounts

The New ShockTimer-Plus 3Dv2 is a low cost, low g, 3-axis shock recorder with time stamp. The device measures and logs whenever shocks occur that exceed the user selectable trip level and records the peak-g level & date/time of occurrence. The unit is re-settable and re-usable via wireless blue-tooth interface to a PC. A simple Windows software setup and analysis GUI package is available for purchase along with one or more units as well as a blue-tooth transceiver. Data from the STP-3Dv2 software GUI may be opened in MS Excel for review and analysis.


  • Carrier Handling Quality Evaluation and Comparison
  • Shipment Monitoring
  • Pallets, Ocean Containers, ISO Containers, Crates
  • Rail Cars
  • Lift Truck/Fork Truck Driver Surveys
  • Fleet Monitoring
  • Vehicular Ride Quality Surveys
  • Transformers, Large Machines, Fuel Cells, Semiconductor Fab Machines, Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Aircraft Turbulence, Hard Landings
  • Ordnance & Munitions

Product Specifications

Trip Threshold User selectable from 1.5g to 10g
Full Scale Range +/-16g
Measurement resolution 0.04g
Trip Accuracy 5%
Memory Capacity 15,000 shock readings
30,000 temp/hum readings
Memory Type Non-volatile flash
Tem/Hum Logging user selectable from 1 to 12 hours
Active Indicator real time 6-second LED active flash
Trip Indicator real time 3-second red/green flash once tripped
Frequency Response DC to 40 Hz
Time Resolution 10 msec
Data Communications wireless blue tooth
Switches REC/COM
Temperature Range -40 to +160 deg F
Operational Battery Life 3+ months
Size 4.9" x 2.9" x 0.9" mechanical drawings on request
Weight 5.6 oz
Enclosure Injection molded plastic
Batteries Four lithium AA cells, DOT compliant
Mounting Three in-built mounting holes

Mag-Mount-STP Magnetic Mounting base

Blue-Tooth-STP Wireless USB for PC

STP-Windows-GUI Windows Software and GUI