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September 15, 1991

September 15, 1991


The New York Times                                         


Sensors in Packaging…

Measuring the Shakes & Rattles

that Goods Endure During Transport  

A package on its way from a warehouse to a store may encounter severe bumps that can profoundly damage the package contents. Now a sensor device developed and manufactured by Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc. (IST) of OkemosMI attaches to a package during shipment and records information such as shock, vibration, and atmospheric conditions. International Paper Company is using this new, IST sensor inside its packages to record the level of shock, vibration or temperature changes during shipment to determine the protection required for specific package contents.


Results of Sensor Recording

Based upon information provided by the new IST sensor, International Paper Co. decided that some of its packaging provided more protection than is needed and has already redesigned some cartons to use less material thereby saving money. While paper companies have used sensor devices in the past, it was usually done in laboratory conditions and the equipment was 10 to 20 times bulkier than the new IST units.


According to Stephen Beshore, Program Manager at International Paper’s Innovation Center… “The new IST sensors are significantly smaller, faster and more accurate, plus, they can actually go inside a package or machine and provide data collected while the goods are in transit. The information is recorded and stored in a microprocessor-based digital data system inside the sensor for several weeks and later transferred to computers for processing and analysis. The IST equipment allows us to measure what each box is required to do. We test it and then design a package that tells us everything that package has to withstand...whether it’s dropped or crushed while being loaded and whether moisture in the air effects the contents. We are now designing packages that do what the customer wants.”


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