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August 23, 2005
August 23, 2005
New IST Sensor
Measures and Records
Operator & Equipment
Shock, Vibration & Impact   

Large trucks and other heavy duty mining and construction equipment take a continual pounding from rough, off-the-road environments. Design engineers need to know exactly where to place design improvements to protect both the operator and the equipment.
IST now provides engineers with “MotionMaster  R EDR-6DOF. a specially designed sensor and recording device that is rugged enough to stand up to these harsh environments and provide the critical data  engineers need to improve equipment design, reduce maintenance and provide operators with improved ride quality and comfort.
One of the largest mining companies in the world is using IST MotionMasters R in their construction equipment cabs to monitor ride quality and operation safety.
The “ MotionMaster R” EDR-6DOF is a stand alone, battery operated 6-axis measurement and recording system that incorporates the power source, digital electronics, analog electronics, and all sensors into a single, robust package. It is capable of measuring and recording six axes of  linear acceleration and angular rate data over periods of up to 14 days under battery power. Features include:
·         6-channel, 6 axis acceleration sensor/recorder
·         Onboard 3 axis linear accelerometers-x, y, z
·         Onboard 3 axis angular rate sensors-roll, pitch,yaw
·         8 MB onboard data storage
·         Completely self contained, battery powered
·         User interface software for set-up data download and
         time & frequency domain analysis
·         Completely user programmable
Instrumented Sensor Technology (IST ) is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of data recorders for dynamic environments.  For more information contact:
Instrumented Sensor Technology
4704 Moore, St. Okemos, MI 48864
Ph: 517-349-8487
Fax: 517-349-8469

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