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July 30, 2007
July 30, 2007

NASA Astronaut Thanks IST Employees for Contributions to Space Program

Astronaut Andrew J. Feustel’s visit to Instrumented Sensor Technology Inc. (IST) in Okemos, MI was a stellar event for IST employees, K-12 students, teachers and local residents. Feustel’s visit included both a meeting with IST employees at IST’s design and manufacturing plant in Okemos as well as an AV presentation at the Hampton Inn in Okemos. The presentation was a rare opportunity to meet and ask questions of one of  NASA’s astronauts who will play a vital role in updating the Hubble Telescope in 2008.

NASA’s Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Program
Feustel’s visit to IST is part of a NASA program designed to ensure that all suppliers involved in human space flight are aware of the importance of their role in safety, quality and mission success.  The motivation and recognition program gives supplier employees face to face contact with the astronauts, providing a larger overall picture of the value and importance of the products they produce for the space program.

The visit by Dr. Feustel to IST was sponsored by both IST and ATK Launch Systems (ATK) of Brigham City, Utah. Greg Hoshal, President of IST, Fred Hendricks, SFA Coordinator for ATK Launch Systems and Terri Day, Acquisition Specialist for ATK were actively involved in the planning of the visit. ATK Launch Systems has been a customer of IST since 1991.

Astronaut’s Visit… A Rare Opportunity For IST and Students 
Feustel commented, “I am here to give a talk to the community and most important, to visit and talk to IST and its employees. Instrumented Sensor Technology is one of our suppliers for instrumentation acceleration monitoring for transportation of solid rocket motors for the space shuttle. I want IST employees to know how important we feel IST products are to the safety of NASA’s space program. I also want to give students here an opportunity to talk to an astronaut and see what we do on a daily basis as they may want to get involved in something like this. I was able to find my career path into this position and now I am trying to share that with as many people as I can in Michigan…my home state.”

Space Program Safetyand Overall Costs
Greg Hoshal, President of IST said, “I feel it is very important that NASA wants our employees to hear first-hand how our sensor and recording products contribute directly to the safety of the astronauts in the US space program. Dr. Feustel’s scheduled shuttle mission also illustrates the importance of IST’s products to the space program.”

Astronaut Feustel also informed us we are really not spending that much on the shuttle space program compared to other things we spend money on in this country. It’s costing us approximately twenty dollars a year per person to fly the shuttle. So it seems to me that we could be doing a lot more for not a whole lot more money than what we are doing right now. I find this very important.  I was very impressed with Dr. Fesustel’s presentation on the space program and the training procedures for today’s astronauts.”

IST Recorders Contribute to Evaluation of Rocket Motors following Train Incident 
Fred Hendricks, SFA Coordinator for ATK Launch Systems commented, “IST provides ATK with the acceleration monitors that we use during shipping of our Reusable Solid Rocket Motors, (RSRM) from Brigham City, Utah to the Kennedy Space Center. We rely on this data to show us the RSRM’s did not experience any hazardous impact enroute.”

The importance of this monitoring system was recently demonstrated in a train incident northwest of Montgomery, AL. Hendricks said, “By having the IST data monitors attached to each segment, we found that the four segments at the end of the train did not experience the acceleration G’s that the ones on the front did (they remained on the tracks) Those segments were well within our engineering parameters, and allowed to continue their journey to KSC.”

Hoshal commented, “ATK’s detailed presentation on the train incident and the in-depth analysis on how IST products contributed to the engineering evaluations was very interesting. I am sure all of IST’s employees will always remember the special emphasis on safety that is a key part of all ATK’s and NASA’s activities.”

IST designs and manufactures a wide variety of computerized sensor/recording instruments for remote dynamic environments for a wide range of applications. IST is the leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of data recorders for dynamic environments.

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