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January 17, 2005

January 17, 2005

For Immediate Release:

IST’s Linear Accelerometer & Angular Rate

Sensor & Recorder… A New Tool

For Testing High Speed Watercraft      


IST’s (Instrumented Sensor Technology) new MotionMaster EDR-6DOF self-contained sensor and recorder measures and records 3-axis linear acceleration and 3-axis roll, pitch and yaw. IST’s MotionMaster is an ideal tool for evaluating watercraft roll, pitch, yaw, vibration and G force levels during high speed performance testing.


Helps evaluate & document:

·                     Impact G forces to operator & occupants due to high speeds, maneuvers & large waves

·                     Angular Rates-Roll, pitch and yaw motions

·                     Hazards to electronic equipment

·                     Watercraft ride quality

·                     Stabilizer performance

·                     Design performance features

·                     Crash data analysis


MotionMaster is a stand alone, battery operated measurement and recording system that incorporates the power source, digital electronics, analog electronics and all sensors into a single, robust package.


The system includes:

·                     6- channel, 6 axis acceleration sensor / recorder

·                     Onboard 3 axis linear accelerometers-x, y, z & angular rate sensors

·                     Eight (8) MB onboard data storage

·                     Simultaneous 6-ch digitization to 3200 sps/ch

·                     Completely user programmable


High speed RS-232 & USB communications interface to PC. Completely self-contained, battery powered and rugged. IST onboard recorders have been standard equipment on all Indy 500 race cars since 1993 and have been a valuable tool for improving driver safety. IST is a world leader in supplying portable, programmable high speed recorders for dynamic measurement and recording in extreme environments.




Instrumented Sensor Technology

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