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June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006

ShockTimer-Plus 3D™, (STP-3D) is a new, low cost Shock Detector for transportation monitoring. The device can be attached to your shipment and will record the exact time a package was abused in transport. Once installed and activated the device detects and logs dates and times whenever a shock exceeds a pre-set threshold of either 2, 3 or 4g. It also indicates what axis or axes the shock is detected in. Later, the Shock date and time records can be extracted from the device using a wireless USB-IRDA dongle and then analyzed using MS Excel on your computer. You now have log date and times so you can discover where, when and who damaged your shipment for reimbursement verification or for design improvements in your shipping container or package.
ShockTimer-Plus 3D™, developed by IST corporation is a multi-use product that allows you to use the product repeatedly to detect in-transport package damage. The STP-3D is a multi-event, low-G, reusable shock detector that has a self-powered, 5 year battery life with temperature and humidity data logging optional. The STP-3D is patent pending.
Applications include carrier handling quality evaluation and comparisons, high volume shipment monitoring, pallets, ocean containers, ISO containers, transformers and large machines, semiconductor fab machines, medical imaging equipment, military ordnance, munitions and more. IST is a worldwide leader in supplying portable, programmable, high speed recorders for dynamic environments.
For more information contact:
Instrumented Sensor Technology (IST)
4704 Moore St. Okemos, MI 48864
Ph: 517-349-8487, Fax: 517-349-8469
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