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February 8, 2003
February 8, 2003
For Immediate Release:
IST’s Shock & Vibration Recorder
Monitors Processing Equipment

for Producing Ink Jet Cartridges       

When a leading provider of ink jet printing solutions was looking for a firm to develop a 3 Axis acceleration data recorder to monitor shock and vibration of their processing equipment used for manufacturing their new ink jet printer cartridge …they contacted Instrumented Sensor Technology Inc. (IST) of Okemos, MI. The sensor monitoring unit had to be designed to coincide with the ink jet printer cartridge package and closely approximate the size of the color printing ink cartridge. The unit is used to verify the quality of the ink jet cartridge processing equipment prior to production.
IST developed the new 3 axis acceleration monitoring device in 12 weeks, a few days ahead of schedule. The new unit easily passed acceptance testing and has already been used to help qualify and periodically test various ink jet printing cartridge production facilities. The new, self-battery powered sensor monitoring device measures and records peak acceleration, change in velocity, duration, date and time in 3-axes.
The unit is programmable by the user to be threshold triggered and contains a wireless IRDA data interface under a translucent side wall panel that interfaces with a PC. This system was also developed to be used with IST’s DynaMax™ Suite Analysis Software.  IST is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacturer of data recorders for dynamic environments. For more information contact:
Instrumented Sensor Technology
4704 Moore, St. Okemos, MI 48864
Ph: 517-349-8487
Fax: 517-349-8469

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