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December 20, 2005
December 20, 2005
IST Data Recorders
Used on Sea -Based X Band
Missile Defense, Radar Station

Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc., (IST) of Okemos, MI, working with two of the nation's leading missile defense contractors, will place multiple IST EDR-3C data recorders on the new Sea –Based X Band (SBX) floating radar station.
The SBX vessel, a self- propelled, semi-submersible radar station is the tracking and discrimination radar used as part of America’s missile defense system. The vessel is being built in the gulf coast area and initial sea trials will take place in the Gulf of Mexico. The completed platform will be shipped to its primary support base in Adak, Alaska. IST’s EDR-3C data recorders will be used to monitor the low level shock and vibration at strategic locations on the large structure during shipping.
One of the Largest Vessels of its kind in the World
The SBX vessel is one of the largest, semi-submersible, self propelled vessels in the world….at approximately 436 ft. long and about 220 ft. wide. The height from the water surface to the top of the radar dome will be 250 ft. The SBX has a submerged draft displacement of 50,600 tons. The SBX will perform tracking, discrimination and assessment of target missiles. The X-Band Radar (XBR) is designed to search for, detect and track enemy missiles as well as determine which objects are warheads and which are decoys or debris. The new radar station will be an important element in our nation’s missile defense program.
IST’s EDR-3C Series data recorders are self contained, user programmable, acceleration sensor recorders. They provide shock, and vibration measurement and recording over extended periods of time. The instrument offers a very high degree of operational reliability under harsh environmental test conditions. For more information contact:
Instrumented Sensor Technology
4704 Moore, St. Okemos, MI 48864
Ph: 517-349-8487
Fax: 517-349-8469

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