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June 27, 2006
June 27, 2006

IST Awarded Patent on New, Compact, 6 Axis Data Recorder

Instrumented Sensor Technology (IST) of Okemos, MI was recently awarded a U.S. patent for the unique design and functionality of its EDR-6DOF compact data recorder. 
The product is being marketed as “MotionMaster R EDR-6DOF”.
The new self-contained sensor and recorder measures and records 3-axis linear acceleration and 3-axis roll, pitch and yaw.
MotionMaster R EDR-6DOF is an ideal tool for aerospace and defense measurements, automotive tests and measurements, accident reconstruction, amusement ride tests and measurements, human factor engineering, industrial packaging tests and measurements as well as high speed watercraft tests and measurements.

The IST patent covers a compact data recorder including built-in angular rate sensors for monitoring rotational movement about three axis; three built-in linear accelerometers (or one tri-axial accelerometer) to track linear movement along the same three axis.
A processor and memory record output from the angular rate sensors and accelerometers, internal power supply and external data communications means. The patent application was filed October 21, 2003 and was awarded on April 18, 2006.
Instrumented Sensor Technology (IST) is a worldwide leader in supplying portable, programmable, high speed recorders for dynamic environments. The firm holds a wide range of patented products in this field.
Instrumented Sensor Technology
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