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May 1, 1998
May 1, 1998
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IST Awarded US Patent
For Recording Time History Data
Of Physical Variables

Gregory D. Hoshal, President of Instrumented Sensor Technology
(IST) of Okemos, MI was recently awarded a US Patent for the “Method and Apparatus for Recording Time History Data and Physical Variables.” The patent covers the design and application of the company’s “Sliding Window Overwrite” (SWO) memory management and recording mode, implemented in its EDR-3, EDR-4 and MSR-3 series acceleration data recorder products. The patented SWO technique partitions available data recorder memory into time window segments, only within which data overwriting may occur. The patent application was filed on April 25, 1995.
Instrumented Sensor Technology, (IST) is a worldwide leader in supplying portable, programmable, high speed recorders for dynamic environments.
For more information contact:
Instrumented Sensor Technology
4704 Moore, St. Okemos, MI 48864
Ph: 517-349-8487
Fax: 517-349-8469

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