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October 29, 1999
October 29, 1999
America True                                               
Outfitted With
IST Data Recorders

An Okemos firm, well known for its unique data recorders will sail into the international spotlight as a co-sponsor and product contributor to the United States entry for America’s Cup 2000. America True is outfitted with about $ 32,000 of the black boxes that measure and record acceleration data as the yacht maneuvers through the gulf’s choppy waters. According to Kurt Jordan, an America True engineer, “the technology has been helpful. The IST boxes are placed on the yachts masts to measure its movements in wind and waves. The mast is then adjusted for optimum  performance. The racing team will use the data to decide how  best to configure its sails and adapt during changing conditions of the race.” The equipment won’t be used during the race but will be used on America Cups qualifier, the “Louis Vuitton Cup” which begins this month. The IST data recorders have been on board the yacht for more than a year.
America Cup insiders say the race has always been about the best technology and America’s True is no exception. Several of the yachts corporate sponsors have technological ties. Greg Hoshal, President of IST said, “The trade off for IST is free publicity, our name will be displayed on the sails of the yacht.and seen by millions of people around the world. Plus, it is a new use for one of our most stable products…the EDR-3D data recorder. Hopefully, the product will give them an edge as this is always a very competitive race.”
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